DeAngelo Rail Services provides comprehensive technical and specialist capabilities covering all stages in the development and use of rolling stock and related systems, from initial specification through to procurement, design review, project management, operations, maintenance and whole-life support.


Our team approach to each project and service helps achieve a high level of safety, cost savings, quality, and professionalism for every client.


Rail Classes

High Speed Rail

Commuter Rail

Inter-City Rail

Light Rail Transit

Rapid Transit

Automated Transportation


Rolling Stock

Rolling stock is one of the most costly components of the railway system, and DeAngelo Rail Services understands your commitment to protecting this investment. Whether keeping an existing fleet in a state of good repair (SGR) or expanding the fleet, we provide the expertise you need to run safely, reliably and cost effectively.



Electric Passenger

Diesel Electric Passenger and Freight

Dual Mode Passenger

High Speed Trainsets

Switch Engines

Self-Propelled Specialty Equipment

Passenger Railcars

Bi-Level Trailer and Cab Control Cars

Single Level Trailer and Cab Control Cars

Gallery Trailer and Cab Control Cars

Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs)

Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs)

FRA and Non-FRA Compliant

Electric Multiple Units (EMUs)

Third Rail DC Vehicles

Overhead Catenary AC Vehicles

Freight Railcars

Subway Cars


Automated People Movers (APMs)

Related Systems

Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Components

Traction Power

Diesel Power and Generators

Head End Power

Primary Power Systems

Propulsion Systems and Controls

Braking Systems

TIER Emission Control

Signal and Communications

Train Control (PTC, ATC, etc.)

Trainlines (Power and Communications)

Carbody Structure



Crash Energy Management

Auxiliary Systems

Safety and Security

Track and Infrastructure

Program and Project Management

Project Management Planning


Cost Estimating

Documentation Management

Administrative Support

Systems Integration

Transit Asset Management

Buy America and Buy American Audits

Quality and Inspection Services

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Fleet Condition

Safety and Mechanical Issue Identification

FAIs and In-Process Inspections

Function Testing

Reliability Testing

Pre-Revenue Service Acceptance Testing

Commissioning and Revenue Testing

Design and Quality Compliance

New Vehicle Quality Management

Manufacturing Process Evaluation

Quality Program Plan Development

Quality Audits

Source Inspection

Material Inspection

Technical Representative Services


Rolling stock is one of the most maintenance intensive parts of the railway system and can be the most vulnerable if neglected.  Reliability is key to successful railway operation thereby making proper maintenance Priority One.  DeAngelo Rail Services can keep your equipment in reliable revenue service.


Fleet Maintenance Audits

Maintenance Facility Review

Maintenance Plan Development

Maintenance Program Review

Maintenance Problem Resolution

Life Cycle Maintenance

Warranty Management

Procurement Support

The DeAngelo Rail Services team has the expertise necessary to successfully support your procurement for the manufacture, repair or overhaul of rolling stock and related systems.


Preparation of Terms and Conditions

Negotiation Support

Preparation of Independent Engineer’s Estimate

Proposal Review

Bid Evaluation

Vendor Selection

Fair and Reasonable Assessment and Determination

Preparation of Escrow Agreements

Preparation of Best and Final Offers

Milestone Tracking and Review

Invoice Reviews

Claims Review and Cracking

Contract Compliance

Change Order Review and Negotiation

SMEs in Vehicle Procurement

Proposal Preparation

DeAngelo Rail Services can provide the technical expertise required to submit a successful proposal

Engineering Support

Project Engineering

Vehicle Engineering


Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

Intermediate Design Review (IDR)
Final Design Review (FDR)

Subject Matter Experts

The DeAngelo Rail Services team consists of SMEs in the following specialties:









System Safety

Train Control

Signaling and Communications

Vehicle Procurement