At DeAngelo Rail Services, safety is priority number 1.  We believe that safety is not just a goal but the outcome of a well-trained and educated workforce. Our vision is that we will operate free of accidents and injuries, and we aspire to achieve this vision through a culture that makes safety our highest priority.


We believe that no job is so important, and no service is so urgent, that we cannot take time to perform the work safely. It is our policy to prevent accidents and to comply with all applicable state and federal requirements.


DeAngelo Rail Services has a safety program that establishes guidelines for each of us to follow to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all. Each manager, employee and contractor has the responsibility through personal example to create a climate in which everyone shares a concern for the safety of themselves, their fellow workers and the community that we serve.


To help ensure the continued good health of all, we encourage all employees and contractors to dedicate themselves to reducing or eliminating all causes of accidents and to work with management toward our goals of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all.